It’s all about the layers

Visit It's all about the layers

Charlotte over at LARP.GUIDE has written an excellent article on using layers to radically alter a basic costumes appearance, and make it look more like clothes rather than just a costume.

The added benefit of this is added warmth; I can’t tell you the number of events I went to as a LARP noob with way, WAY, too little in the way of costume. This is not good, especially in December…

Another excellent point that Charlotte raises is that this style of costuming is ideal for a beginner; just start off with the base layer and build up the costume over numerous events (and the in between downtime). This will make the initial cost less, plus can provide back story (‘Oh, this little thing? I picked it up while I was in the City of Emerald’). The costume can also grow with your character, as we don’t all start out knowing exactly what our character will actually be like, so having a specific kit can sometimes be a costly mistake.

Head over to LARP.GUIDE to read the full Clothes Not Costume article.

Images courtesy of Charlotte Moss, check out her Patreon here.

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Visit It's all about the layers