Treasure Trapped: A new documentary about LARP

Visit Treasure Trapped: A new documentary about LARP

In a world full of desk jobs, morning commutes and traffic jams a crack documentary team explore a world without it… at least for the most part. Treasure Trapped looks at the wonderful world of Live Action Roleplaying in the United Kingdom and Europe and finds out what makes it, and the people within it, tick.

The latest offering from the UK based film production company Cosmic Joke, continues their series of fantasy and magical related films.

Treasure Trap is an intriguing documentary focusing on LARP around the world (primarily the UK, US and Sweden) which looks at not only the hobby itself but how the hobby has affected and changed the lives of the participants.

Despite begging, whining and generally spitting my dummy out, I have not been able to secure a copy of the full film yet (and I have been cursing the fact it premièred in Manchester, my home city, while I live a 1000 miles away…).

Even without seeing the full film the trailer has me very intrigued. This doesn’t look like a mockumentary or even a documentary that looks down upon the hobby and hobbyists. Instead it looks like it will take an honest view of LARP and the various communities that are created because of the hobby.

If you have managed to watch the film, please let me know all about it via the comments!

From the Treasure Trapped press release:

Cosmic Joke have had over 750,000 views on their various LARP short documentaries over the last year and have proven there is an audience for the world of LARP, with outlets like MTV, Kotaku, The Independent, Buzzfeed, Vice, The Telegraph, USA Today, Daily Mail and TIME Magazine talking about our work. With Treasure Trapped we hope to help expand that audience even more.

After a successful debut in the UK we received glowing feedback from the LARPing community and an 8/10 review from Starburst Magazine claiming “It’s clear that the documentary makers had a lot of fun making the film, and this makes for an amusing experience that entertains, educates, and yet remains respectful to everyone involved.”

Treasure Trapped will be touring in 2015 at various festivals but we will also be listening to the public on our social media pages in where to send the film. For that we ask that you help us spread the word of the project and give your audience the links to our social media pages so that they can let us know where we need to look at screening Treasure Trapped.

Treasure Trapped - Monitor Celestra
A scene from the Battlestar Galactica LARP in Sweden

If you want to know more about Treasure Trapped, you can follow them via their social media:

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Visit Treasure Trapped: A new documentary about LARP

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