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Providing bows to the Live Action Role Play and Re-enactment community, A Piece of History looks like it could give the other LARP archery suppliers a run for their money price wise.

Supplying a variety of longbows and recurve bows, the variety and price range looks affordable for larpers and the enthusiastic amatuer (maybe professional) archers.

One missing feature is they do not as yet supply crossbows nor foam tipped arrows, but it looks like they are still getting started so hoping these items will be stocked as the site grows. Their sites a bit buggy at the moment (22nd Nov 2011) but hopefully they can resolve this quickly.

A Piece of History also supplies quivers, which from the small photos look pretty good and reasonably priced, but larger photos would be welcome! Other sundries such as bracers, pouches and arrows, thumbrings, tabs, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: you need to make sure that the “draw weight”  of the bow is suitable for your LARP or Re-enactment, as I know some LARPs in particular are keen to keep the draw weight down and that the arrows you use are LARP safe.

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