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Aeternia is a moderate contact boffer campaign LARP set in an immersive medieval fantasy world.

We have a few twists from what you might expect when you hear those words. Aeternia is a world caught in a time loop of unknown origin. Every so often the world resets itself to a significant event. Each of these cycles play out very differently, but a group of misfits with a special gift is working to undo this eternal fate.

You are a Timeskipper.

Something about you and your compatriots is different. You remember the cycles. You have the smallest idea about what plagues this world and well… that means it’s up to you to fix it.

Aeternia runs as a series of arcs that last several games, resetting in between each cycle. Timeskippers retain their memories between cycles, but their physical/magical prowess and connections to the natural world reset along with the world.

This means when the cycle resets, so does your character build, allowing you to make some new choices and also keeping everyone on equal footing. There are certain levels of progress that are maintained through each cycle, though.

Improvements to faction headquarters, knowledge of the mysteries of the world, and the social connections you make with other timeskippers will all hopefully lead to one day undoing the world from the cage it finds itself in.

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