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Alliance is a soft touch boffer LARP in a high fantasy sword and sorcery setting.

Each chapter within Alliance has its own “Mist Sphere” where the Adventurers, have the ability to slay monsters, do politics, and build their own community.

There is something for everyone here at Alliance LARP Wisconsin. Puzzles, Combats, Trade Negotiations, Political Machinations, you name it, we probably have it.

We have a wonderfully creative staff who works hard to bring to the players a game that everyone can enjoy regardless of real life limitations. If it is within our power to make an accommodation so a player can play and have fun with us, we will make it.

In Alliance Wisconsin, our players are settling into a brand new Mist Sphere and working on building their own town, establishing relationships with the locals, and deciding how they want to present themselves to the Sphere at large! Everyone has a say in these things, working as a group towards a great community.

Come join us and leave your mark on our Mist Sphere of Kaida Sanu.

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