Amnesty: Paranormal Southern Gothic LARP

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Once upon a time, there was the City.

There was the City, and there were the Badlands.

The City was the last and only bastion of civilization against a world gone mad – and you got yourself thrown out.

You’re probably guilty. Maybe you’re innocent. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Everyone knows, nothing good comes out of the Badlands – and nothing good goes in. Lucky for you, somewhere out in the Badlands, the lantern light of Amnesty flickers.

In this patchwork pioneer town, all are welcome to lay their heads to rest – in exchange for a solemn vow that your criminal past is behind you.

Do no harm to Amnesty, and Amnesty will do no harm to you.

Founded in 2020 and launching its first event in 2022, Amnesty: A Southern Gothic Horror LARP is a Nerf LARP based in White Oak, North Carolina. Our campsite features an actual fortified wooden fort you can sleep in, a pirate ship in a lake, and underground tunnels to explore.

Join us on in a story like no other. With events held four times a year in south-eastern North Carolina, we have hundreds of acres to discover new friends and monsters (perhaps, both) alike.

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Visit Amnesty: Paranormal Southern Gothic LARP

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