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Welcome, Traveler . . .

Rest thyne weary feet, grab a drink and let me tell thee a story of adventure and danger, romance and intrigue, greed and politics. Let me tell thee about the World of Verose . . .

What Is Avalon?
Avalon is an organization that tells the story of a rich and detailed fantasy world by providing either day or weekend long events that take place in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

During these events, people play characters and interact with each other and the world created by Timothy Zacherl and his creative staff of Storytellers and Technicians. These events are live-action, which means that the players dress in costume and roleplay like their characters, much like impromptu theatre.

The events, which are put on by Avalon LLC, involve In-Character combat which is closely watched by the ‘Rules Marshals’ and adheres strictly to the Avalon Code of Conduct. Avalon players use padded weaponry and small packets filled with bird-seed to simulate hand to hand combat and magical spells.

Avalon rules and regulations are monitored by Avalon Game Marshals and Avalon Game Staff. Game Marshals will settle any rules disputes during events.

New Players
All new players (Neos) will start by playing a character they create. These players and characters are referred to as Player Characters (PCs). After three events the PC will have the option of continuing to play as his/her character or to become a Non-Player Character (NPC) which is a person who plays multiple roles during an event. An NPC dresses up at the request of Avalon Game Staff to play whatever roles are necessary (i.e. part of a pack of wolves or a humble merchant with wares to trade).

Boy Scout Affiliations
Avalon LLC sponsors the Boy Scouts of America’s co-ed Venture Crew 1433 of the Bull Run District in Prince William Virginia. Each participant of Avalon is both a member of Avalon and a Venture Scout in this Crew. The BSA’s fiscal year is from from April-to-April each year, thus each participant of Avalon must re-charter each year.

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