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Who we are

We are LARP players, martial arts practitioners, hard core video gamers and board game fans. Playing is part of our culture and we do believe play is an important thing to do. We play to unlock our creativity, imagination and to shape our brain.

As a player, at Calimacil our mission is to always searching for new ideas and solution to create the best foam weapon to play with.


Calimacil is the fruit of an ambitious project aimed at offering the world of live action role play (LARP) an alternative to the standard latex weapons and to other home-made weapons.

We are a small workshop that started in Quebec/Canada in 2004. We are known by thousand of players and martial arts practitioners all around the world as the high hand and best foam weapon creator. We are using advance technology to build our weapon involving artistic creation as well.

Several prototypes and several versions later, we are now offering the most durable and safest foam weapons on the market.

For us, building the best weapon is a game we are mastering and we’re never give up playing at.

Come and play with us !

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