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Cowleys Fine Foods is from the same owners as Martin’s Jerked Meats and contains a wide selection of jerked meat (historical and modern), jerked vegetables, sweet things and spices and marinades.

Though they do not seem to trade at any UK based events, they do trade at some re-enactments.

Buccaneer Jerky
Buccaneer Jerky

From the site:

We make a wide range of delicious snacks, for both meat eaters and veggies, that are healthy alternatives to the usual snackfood that people tend to eat nowadays.  Our range includes jerky, fruit scrolls, pickles, relishes, spice mixes, chillis, sweet things, savoury things and a number of smoked ingredients.   We have a wide variety of flavours so we’re bound to have something for everyone!

In addition to selling historically inspired food, we also give talks and demonstrations at festivals and events.

Martin’s Jerked Meats got some favourable reviews from fellow LARPers, so I have no doubt that the produce Cowleys Fine Foods provides is of the same high quality.

Thai Green Kangaroo
Thai Green Kangaroo

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  1. Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience with them. Literally no communication, no order receipt, I didn´t get anything for 2 weeks and they only answered my messages when I contacted them directly on Facebook in front of their followers.
    I ordered 9 jars but they only sent 7, they admitted their mistake but still refused to refund me. I had to contact Paypal and I´m still waiting for a resolution.


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