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Crestfallen LARP is a fantasy frontier boffer LARP that combines aspects of high fantasy, steampunk, and weird west into a refreshing blend of playstyles in our world of Katalossa.

Players are encouraged to build the character that they envision themselves as whether they are a grizzled warrior, a scholarly academic, a grimy gunslinger, or a questionable back alley surgeon. Our system supports both combat and non-combat playstyles with skills that ensure players feel valuable from the point they start.

With an in-game mechanic to justify it we even encourage players to bring their old characters from other LARP or tabletop campaigns to life with us as a Traveler.

Open ended crafting and magic creation systems allow for even further customization of one’s characters, and our In-game newsletter and research guild allows players to help create the game world around themselves.

Our friendly and helpful staff are always willing to answer any questions if you are interested in joining us!

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