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Live Airsoft Role Play, set in the fictional town of New Warleans, with it’s interactive characters providing a fully functioning economy.

An interesting looking LARP that seems to defy classification, it focuses around the fictional town of New Warleans, and has a steampunk crossed with wild west vibe going on.

They use low capacity airsoft weapons to recreate short but brutal firefights, though the aim isn’t just to have a NERF style war, but rather to use your wits and cunning first, and your guns as a last resort.

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4 thoughts on “Criminal Contact”

  1. Thanks for adding this event folks.
    Like the write up, hard to classify indeed…
    Perhaps a free reviewing visit is in order!?

  2. Hi Rob,

    I would love a free visit, but sadly the air fare is too much 🙁

    Maybe some others who have attended can give their thoughts on what it should be classified as? Cowboypunk? Gunslinging fantasy?


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