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DragonLoreLarp is a small roleplaying club who come together in a woods in Essex bi-monthly to continue the saga of the land of Gaia. In between events we roleplay on our forums.


Dragon Lore LARP is a small, family friendly fantasy LARP system based in Purfleet, Essex. They run events almost every month (counted 11 out of 12 for 2011).

Character creation looks simple, yet detailed in scope, with a limited yet varied amount of races to choose from. Enough skills are available to customise your character appropriately. Also, they website has an online character creation section.


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  1. Run by Buffy who is lovely and loves her roleplay. The rules are constantly changing as this is a fairly new system (two years old in 2011 I believe) but that proves Buffy is always open to hearing what is good and bad in a game. Go have fun – you’ll always be welcomed with open arms.


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