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Dumnonni chronicles is a live role-play group that bases its games on Celtic / dark ages mythology tradition and fashion but stylised and enlarged to create a heroic but realistic feel.

In Dumnonni the look and feel is re-enactment meets fantasy and we like to think that our players spend some time and thought on ensuring that there kit and costume fit well with the setting.

We think that good costume and good role playing go hand in hand to create both believability and atmosphere. Our games endeavour to be accessible to players that enjoy many different aspects of the game. We like to think that we can guide a plot where both thought and action are equally important and so caters to a broad range of desires.

Dumnonni battle

The period that we draw inspiration from is 200 BC to 900 AD allowing a large scope of social and cultural background .There is also a mythological slant to our games that broadens this further.

We run “low fantasy” games were although the fantastic is accepted it is handled in a rational way. Our aim is to run a good story with a feel of authenticity to the era with fantastic and even comedic elements…Just like all the most well read and entertaining accounts of the time.

Dumnonni Chronicles is a non-profit organisation. ALL money taken goes back into DC and is used to cover costs and improve the events with new equipment, props and site development.

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