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“The Dying Kingdoms are prehistoric lands of savage adventure. Civilizations both young and old dot the landscape, vying for supremacy, wealth, and power.

As a fantastical world, the lands of the Dying Kingdoms hold a populace of both humans and non-humans, all in different cultures with uneasy relations.”

Fantasy LARP, based in California.


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  1. My hosts an Annual LARP event in the mountains of North Arizona every aumtun. Our rulebook is very similar to your own, and with our similarities, your comprehension of the rules would be relatively easy. We use foam weapons with cloth covers(edhellen foam weapons are generally acceptable, as long as they are also stab legal), and both shield bashing and grappling is prohibited. The head and neck are illegal targets, and the strike zones are the same (torso, 2 arms and 2 legs). We would love to have you guys out for some cross gaming.


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