F Dean – Larp General Liability Insurance

Visit F Dean - Larp General Liability Insurance

F Dean is a general insurer that also helps LARP events get the insurance cover the need.

While most LARP events are incredibly safe, accidents can and do happen, with the rare but real risk of personal injury in some cases.

To help cover both the LARP organisers and their players, F Dean have a Specialty Insurance Program for Live Action Role Playing organizations designed to help cover both medical costs and liability issues.

The accident and liability insurance coverage is a single product with optional coverages also available for things such as equipment, hired and non-owned automobiles and additional higher liability insurance limits.

No one wants things to go wrong, but having some insurance coverage is always welcome when things do go wrong. As well as that, a lot of venues require insurance in order for you to be on their grounds.

Check out the direct link to the application form here.

More details on their policy can be found here.

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Visit F Dean - Larp General Liability Insurance

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