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Welcome to the world of Rhiona, a lush and verdant world full of life and joy…no longer.

First there came the Impossible War, so named because no one dreamed such horror could take place. At its conclusion the armies of darkness were defeated but not before they decimated vast portions of the world and ensured it would be years if not centuries before the few pitiful survivors would recover. The dead numbered too many to be counted, too many to be buried. Continents were left to the dead as the living left in droves to find a new place, somewhere untainted by death.

If that were not bad enough, barely a year later, just as people were starting to get their lives back together, the Undead came. The uncounted rotting bodies of man and beast left over from the Impossible War rose as one and marched on the living, driven by some unseen and unspeakable force. The living had almost no chance; they were outnumbered and had no military strength of worth. Only by desperate chance did they survive. Through great sacrifice they created a powerful artefact, now known as the Life Stone, to repel the undead and create a haven for the living.

Now, some two centuries later, things again look bleak for the races of the living. The gods have deserted us and the Life Stone is dying, If this were not enough, another terror now walks Rihona, a foe that is not repelled by the Life Stone, an ancient foe older that we can imagine and more terrible than anything from our darkest nightmares. The Tcra have returned.

Despite all that is allied against them the races of the living still have great spirit and where there is spirit there is hope so perhaps all is not lost. The Tcra and the undead war against one another for control of the world, neither seeming to be able to gain the upper hand for long. Their war has given us room to breath. The Tcra have paid us little attention thus far and the undead have, for the first time in two centuries, turned their eye from the conquest of the lands protected by the Life Stone and now focus on defeating the Tcra.

Who knows how long we have before one side gains the upper hand and comes looking for us in force. Perhaps this was not a good time for you to enter the world of Rhiona but if you have strength of spirit and a good sword arm do not go meekly in to the dark abyss of death, fight for your survival, fight with every last ounce of your strength and just maybe, together, we can make a difference.

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