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Fairweather Manor: The Titanic Prelude is an immersive role-play event (LARP) inspired by the 1910s as seen in Downton Abbey, Upstairs, Downstairs and Titanic.

Our goal is to balance the atmosphere of a historical setting with a highly immersive and playable experience.

You’ll step into the historical era around 1912 as you enter a world of hubris at the height of European aristocracy. Experience life in this moment of time, and engage in drama filled with passion, intrigue, and deception.

The central conflicts in Fairweather Manor are class and gender struggles in the 1910s. The drama will revolve around social standing and family relations.

In the world of Fairweather Manor, how you look is not relevant to your standing in society.

While we want to explore the struggle of gender and class in the times of 1912, we won’t play on subjects of racism.

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