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FarHaven is a brand new LARP set in north Georgia!

FarHaven is a medieval fantasy LARP with emphasis on roleplay, crafting, combat, and more. In FarHaven you can play one of many fantasy races and weave your story through our fantastical world.

With an emphasis on simple immersive combat and gameplay rules, we try to strike a balance between realism and RPG mechanics offering a unique LARP experience.

We are beginning with one day events, but will have weekend events in the future.

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2 thoughts on “FarHaven”

  1. Hey I would like to know more about your larp like how much it is to attend, where it’s located and more about the story

    • Hi Basil, Currently the LARPFinder site doesn’t have a way for comments to reach the LARP admins (it’s being worked on). For now the best thing to do is check the site out and look for the information there.


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