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A fantasy-sci-fi LARP located in Raleigh, NC.

Daear was once a beautiful and expansive land, home to grand human empires and magical wonders. The Domara gods, powerful and wise, guided humanity through its early conquests and eventual unification into several large, peaceful empires.

However, this golden age ended with the emergence of the Eidolon, new gods who attracted many followers. These followers transformed so much that they came to resent their forebears, sparking a bitter war between the Domara and Eidolon.

This conflict reached a critical point seventy-two years ago during the Pyrrhic Age, when a great white rift opened above the Bacheran River Valley, unleashing beings of pure light known as The Endless.

Indiscriminately attacking all, The Endless forced humanity and its gods to unite in a desperate three-day battle, ultimately teaching them the necessity of cooperation to survive.

In response to the threat of The Endless, a provisional alliance was formed, leading to the creation of The Bacheran Pact. This agency, unable to raise an army, focused on building facilities and providing financial aid to those fighting The Endless.

Despite a major victory at the Battle of the Bacheran, rifts continued to open, requiring ongoing vigilance. Over sixty-five years, The Bacheran’s efforts have expanded globally.

Recently, on the Celdonath Frontier, new small rifts have been detected, indicating a larger one may soon follow.

In preparation, The Bacheran established a mercenary outpost called Numena at the base of one of the Five Pillars of a forgotten empire, ready to confront the impending threat.

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