Fools & Heroes – Plymouth

Visit Fools & Heroes - Plymouth

The Plymouth branch of Fools & Heroes runs on the first Sunday of the month at Cann woods (across from Woodside animal shelter, Plympton).

We are a low fantasy LARP group playing the heroes. with branches nationwide. every branch running once or twice a month with 2 major festivals throughout the year.

A day normally consist of everyone arrives at site for 10 am, a brief is then held with 2 missions for the day run by refs, the players split into which adventure they think is interesting for their character, one side becomes the npcs while the other is the heroes. when the adventure is over everyone heads back to carpark to break for lunch then the teams switch. usually the day ending around 6pm.

You need to be over 16 to join, and offer 2 events that you can come to with no obligation, before asking for a £20 fee to cover branch funds and public liability for the year.

We ask that you warm neutral coloured clothing, a good pair a shoes for the woods and bring yourself something to eat and drink.

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Visit Fools & Heroes - Plymouth

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