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Heart of Pargon is a UK based LARP system that runs games on a regular basis all year long near Exeter, Devon. We run one or two adventures a month depending both on the time of year and the demand from our player base. We use our own unique system of rules and the main story arcs are heavily influenced by player actions.

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1 thought on “Heart of Pargon”

  1. Went to Heart of Paragon event after hearing some promising things from a friend. Unfortunately it seems that the Heart of Paragon system is full of power gamers, who are more intent on showing off how ‘strong’ their characters are rather than focussing on plot, RP and actually staying ‘in character’ for a whole event. My partner and I were made to feel very unwelcome and found that certain groups of members (and some game refs) offered no help for us newbies when we needed some. Plot is messy and no defined goals. Give this one a miss…My partner and I won’t be going again!


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