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Heartlands Fantasy LARP

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Welcome to Heartlands LARP, a free and unique live role-play system where your completely tailor-made character interacts in a world full of a challenges and possibilities. You can tailor make your character to almost limitless possibilities within a point based levelling up system which allows you to advance though our world and learn new skills.

Fun and enjoyment is the main rule within our free LARP system with a simple yet comprehensive character advancement, coupled with a well-developed world full of complex, diverse and inclusive storylines to immerse your mind and imagination to create something unique for everyone.

For those interested in serious role-play or just medieval combat fighting this is also the system for you and for those who have never role-played but have wanted that experience of being transported into magical worlds and heroic adventures, you will not find a better introduction than this.

Come and join us in the Heartlands, set in a beautiful wooded site in the heart of Stanford Bedfordshire. This idyllic setting can provide the perfect role-play setting for you to truly challenge your imagination.

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