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Heroes and Heroines is a live action role play club based in the west midlands, we run roughly 8 events a year and always welcome new comers to the group or the hobby as a whole.
For a list planned coming events see the events page.
Live Action Role Play involves taking on the role of a character in the game and acting as that character, over time people build up the characters skills, personality and forging social contacts from event to event. As the characters you find yourself in all different manner of situations where either alone or as a group you have to deal with, ranging from negotiations, problem and puzzle solving to combat situations.
All the events are based in a high fantasy world known as Eden where the players play characters from a country called the Protectorate of the Rose, the characters form part of the countries main military force working as ‘problem solvers’. The world is constantly developing due to in game events and the actions of the players, there is change to immerse yourself in the extensive game plot as well as you own unique characters plot be it something from the past or something done during the game.
Every character has there own view of the world of Eden with there own agendas and objectives, these can be inline or opposing those of other characters giving ample opportunity for interaction between characters. There is also a wealth of other organisations and people within the world for characters to interact with alliances to be made or enemies to face as well as those who cannot be reasoned or negotiated with.

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