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Heroic Interactive Theatre: World of Hashonen

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The Foretold Time of Heroes: A war has begun between the Crimson King and…well, the rest of the world. The world of Hashonen was slowly conquered as terrible creatures were summoned and unleashed on the nations that fought against the Crimson King. Employing a cunning strategy that slowly funnelled all the healing magic resources into the hands of only the Crimson Kings minions.

This plan worked exceedingly well. It appears to have wiped the races of elves from the world of Hashonen entirely, with their ancient cities and repositories of magic knowledge plundered by the Red Armies. Owning a Spirit spellpage without being a part of the King’s Cabal became a crime punishable by death. Bolstered by having the ability to heal the Red Armies while their foes had to rely on only the very basics of first aid, the limited healing of Alchemy and Nature Magic allowed the Red King to conquer much of the known world.

This plan had one unforeseen side effect however. It gave rise to the skills of engineering and alchemy. Needing any advantage they could find to wage war against the Red Armies, the trap makers and alchemists of old refined their craft with the discovery of Aetherite. This led to the invention of steam power and flash powder. Flash Powder allows for the trap makers to refine their larger traps down into hand held items that could be primed and thrown. Next it led to basic projectile weapons known as firearms.

Steam power led to faster production of weapons, armor and equipment. The steam power also led to flying airships that could spy on the enemy from a distance. There are rumors of an alchemical/galvanic process to reanimate flesh to provide maimed soldiers a chance to use the limbs or other racial advantages of their dead comrades and fight again. There is a process using alchemy and engineering that fuses metal and gizmos with bone, muscle and skin to enhance warriors to fight the Red armies. The Steampunk rebels have arrived, and the Crimson King, for the first time is worried.

So he unleashes the horrors he has kept tightly locked away until now. Things that bring terror in their wake and drag people away in the darkness to be devoured. One wonders if he is still truly in control or if something has taken his form and now brings only destruction to the world.

Battered back to a few remaining bastions of sanctuary, the rebel armies are still on the verge of losing it all until the uncovering of the ruins of the Hawthorne Citadel. In which they found and liberated items and beings of power. One of the beings gave them a prophecy.

The Prophecy: “In the darkest hour of greatest need, a child of the White will open the Waygates again and from the portal will come offworld heroes to bring hope anew to the World of Hashonen.”

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7 thoughts on “Heroic Interactive Theatre: World of Hashonen”

  1. I get the impression that it’s a small chapter, but it’s not a downside. The metaplot seems well written, and the staff seemed above par from I’ve come to expect of other chapters. I really enjoyed the last event I went one, and I plan to go again.

  2. Really, really fun chapter. I go to several games, but this one never disappoints. Personal attention to players, and challenging scenarios that you can work your way out of if you can think on your feet.

  3. The World of Hashonen is one filled with excitement and danger. The talented staff can submerse you into the world and allow you to experience the fears, as well as passions, of your characters. The game is led by an excellent staff and gifted storyteller. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to try out a game of the fantasy/steampunk variety. I would also add it as a must try experience for any larper.

  4. Hashonen is a smooth blend of heroic fantasy and steampunk. The staff are helpful, courteous, and *always* deliver riveting entertainment for the money.


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