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Insurrection LRP is a live-action roleplaying game in a dystopian high-fantasy setting. The world itself is one of magic, with orcs, elves and dwarves ruling the roost using their sorcerous capabilities, with humans crushed underfoot as slaves. On the surface, life is very good for most people; they abide by the laws and attract no trouble.

However, the political situation is dire indeed; since the attack by human-rights extremists on the orcs’ most holy site some nine years ago, a new government has formed – the Commonwealth of Elder Races. Ruled by a Supreme Council, the Commonwealth has instituted many reforms, centralised authority, required people to carry passports wherever they go, and generally taken over.

There are many who are not happy with this state of affairs; whether they want to go back to the old ways, oppose the reforms for intellectual or selfish reasons, or are driven by faith to stand up and be counted, there are rebels in the world. Insurrection LRP is their story.

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