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The concept of LARP Entertainment is an easy one. We aim to immerse players into a high fantasy world, were they can get away from the stresses and strains of modern life. We put customer’s needs first and try to create a game world that reflects that, we will also rewards players for the effort that they also put into the game.

We aim to fulfil these guiding principles of our company in the following ways:-

Immerse the player:-

1) 100 acre site of woodland that we view to develop for LARPers.
2) In character camping areas
3) A progressive player experience system.
4) A rule system that allows a player to gain anything with no restrictions.
5) High emphasise on costume for both players and monsters.

Customer Needs:-

1) Company staff that are always willing to listen and help.
2) If we have made a mistake then we promise to compensate the customer.
3) 24 hour security staffing at every event.
4) First aiders at every event.
5) Fire marshals at every event.
6) Rental service for tents, weapons and costume.
7) Facilities at all events like, toilets, food wagons and water supply.
8) New player briefs at the start of all events.

Rewarding players:-

1) Giving discount on there tickets for bringing new players to the system.
2) Offering in game rewards for pre-booked players.
3) Rewarding players for good costume, role play and combat with experience.
4) Rewarding players who camp in character with experience.
5) Rewarding players with experience for monstering.

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