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LARP Inn is a UK based LARP and Re-Enactment supplier.

They have a huge variety of products, from the usual weapons and leather/metal armour, to accessories, tents, gaming miniatures, and RPG rule books, and fancy dress costumes.

They also sell slightly more modern LARP weaponry, my favourites being the sewer cover shield and the lead pipe.

An interesting feature, useful for LARP noobs or for a quick character change is their Themes section, where you will find common character types (i.e. Roman, Assassin, Zombie) and the related gear they have for that character type. I’m hopeful that they will expand that section a bit more, as it could be useful to find those little accessories or that missing piece of gear for your character.

Site navigation is easy to use, though theres no translations options on site.

Prices seem reasonable and quality seems high. There is an onsite customer review system (5 stars method), which may be useful to some people, though all but one of the fourteen reviews gave 5 out of 5, so maybe just not enough reviews to give a broad spectrum.

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