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LRP Insurance

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Whether you are a club or business LRP Alliance can help you find an answer to your needs. Organised by lrp’ers you can trust us to understand what you do. The insurance policy we administrate is an umbrella one designed specifically for lrp and larp insurance.

You can lrp insurance / larp insurance cover for;

  • Any size of event
  • Single or multiple events
  • Annual cover

Just give us your larp or lrp insurance enquiry and we will give you our honest opinion of what you should do. Having organised the policy for several years LRP Alliance has searched for the best policy for value in both cost and what it offers.

People who use the insurance policy include;

  • Lrp Clubs
  • Lrp Non-profit organisations
  • Lrp Businesses

LRP Alliance insurance available for lrp and larp clubs or businesses that want or need lrp insurance.

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