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The Home of Renaissance-inspired live role-playing weapons and equipment, Makai-LARP was put together for those people looking for that something special to complete their outfit.

Whilst specialising in the Renaissance era, Makai-LARP provides more more. Focused purely on weaponry, they produce some great looking weapons at reasonable prices. Whilst some may say the weaponry looks a tad simple, I would argue that the simplicity is more realistic. The quality looks excellent.

The weaponry styles Makai-LARP supplies are: Renaissance, standard fantasy, Chinese/Asian style, modern and futuristic. They also supply replica firearms (nothing modern) and wooden accessories like dice boxes, etc.

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  1. Sinclaire’s work has a nice tie-in with the classic and cunrret Asian movies with samurai or samurai-like characters. Coming to Japan about the eighth century from the Asian mainland, in Japan’s insular, closed, society, the samurai weaponry took on their own distinctive design and use. The samurai class and its weapons both for warfare and ceremonial purposes remained a central, influential part of Japanese society until World War II. This study is at once comprehensive and succinct, with the pleasing and informative visual elements of color photographs, including close-ups, of samurai weapons, scenes from historical art work, and antique tinted photographs. Most are familiar with the Japanese samurai swords. But the less familiar armor, spears, bow and arrow, and even guns in the past couple of centuries receive equal attention.


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