NERO: Border Lands

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NERO: Border Lands operates out of Athens, TX regularly. Having between 6-9 events annually, Border Lands hosts upwards to 70+ players on over 25 acres out.

Being set in the world of Tyrra, from the classic campaign from NERO International, Border Lands expands their world even further by bringing forth “The Mearian Empire.”

A Kingdom built upon a giant fissure in the ground, discovered to be one of the beginning Mana Wells. This Kingdom has thrived for hundreds if not thousands of years harvesting and operating through Guild Structures within the 8 Baronies.

Adventurers were mysteriously summoned by the Spirit of the Land and were granted passage to this once semi-peaceful realm.

You, stand as an adventurer, and have been welcomed to the borders. Are you a Fighter? Scholar? Templar? Rogue? Are you Good? Evil? or Unknown? Take a step forward and Venture into the Border Lands!

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Visit NERO: Border Lands

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