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Noskaidrot is a family-friendly mixed genre boffer larp hosted at Singletary Lake Group Camp in North Carolina.

With the world discovering new powers and amazing transformations that the new source of power Mist has brought, what will you do when fate calls for you? Will you join the ranks of warriors feeling out their newfound power? Will you discover wondrous creations to forge a new era? Will you fall in with those who see through the warp and weft and interpret the changes of fate, or even change fate yourself?

Fate calls those who would change the world, be it for better or worse. Will you follow when it knocks on your door?

Noskaidrot is an up and coming LARP, offering in-depth storylines for players to engage with as well as an open ended character building style that allows nearly infinite combinations. With a living rulebook, players have the option of actively changing the world and watching as their decisions add new lore, new abilities, and even new cultures to the rules.

You can be a lauded fighter on the battlefield who plays with the whims of fate at the Divination Board, a healer who forges some of the finest creations ever seen, or even a researcher who actively changes everything we know about the world, the possibilities are limitless.

This LARP will be hosted at Singletary Lake Group Camp for a weekend-long event 10 months out of the year Jan-May, and Aug-Dec.

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