ORCSLARP is a game that combines full contact medieval combat (Organized Recreational Combat Simulation) and Live Action Role Play (LARP).

ORCSLARP is set in a fantasy world where the classes available to play are standard fantasy classes, such as Fighter, Ranger, Druid, Bard, Cleric, Thief, Mage, etc.

Players are required to wear medieval period clothing and may wear medieval armor, depending on the class they choose to play. Combat is resolved using foam-padded medieval weapons and a quick, easy to learn damage system. Our game events include battle days, tournaments, adventure days, and twice a year, a weekend long camp-out.

Some players in O.R.C.S. form associations known as Countries, which hold land on our land map and earn income based on their holdings. They gain more land by land searches of unclaimed territory or war with other countries.

A player’s abilities in combat are what they physically bring to the field. No special abilities in the game enhance a player’s combat proficiency and all players regardless of level or class receive damage equally.

All prospective players should note that O.R.C.S. is a highly physical game. In combat, players swing their weapons as if they were wielding a real weapon. It is not a touch-based hit system: all valid hits must make solid contact.

Overall, O.R.C.S. is an exciting, action-packed game full of heroism and intrigue. Come join an existing Country or form one of your own! Test your mettle against the Realm’s mightiest champions and, perhaps one day, you too will be known as a Champion of the Realm!

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