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Step into the enchanting and perilous world of Ferrum, where ancient magic, fierce battles, and rich lore await you. Portal to Ferrum (PtF) is an immersive live-action role-playing (LARP) experience that transports you to a mystical mirror of Earth, filled with diverse realms and epic adventures.

Ferrum is a vast and magical world, made as an amalgamation of the elemental planes. The current year is 4965 FA (Founding of Azir), and the land is rich with history, conflicts, and wonders.


PtF offers a dynamic blend of exploration, combat, magic, and role-playing. Players create characters, undertake quests, engage in battles, and shape the world’s evolving storyline through their actions and decisions.


Players can choose from a variety of races and build their own class, choosing unique abilities and skills. Whether you’re a noble warrior from the Iron Empire, a cunning mage from the Azir Kingdom, or a fierce Orc from the Sloda Kingdom, your character will play a pivotal role in the unfolding narrative.

Key Features

Rich Lore and Storylines: Dive into a world with deep lore and interconnected storylines. Unravel the mysteries of Ferrum, engage in political intrigue, and battle against dark forces like the Bharegu from Beyond the Veil.

Combat and Magic

Engage in thrilling combat using foam weapons and spell packets. Master various forms of magic, including elemental sorcery, necromancy, and enchanting. Combat is governed by a low number-based health system and immersive magic mechanics.

Community and Events: PtF hosts regular events where players can gather, form alliances, and participate in large-scale battles and quests. The community is welcoming and inclusive, encouraging both seasoned LARPers and newcomers to join the adventure.

What You Need

Garb and Gear

Players are encouraged to dress in period-appropriate costumes that reflect their character’s background. Detailed garb guidelines help players create authentic and immersive outfits.

Weapons and Armor

Use safe, foam-crafted weapons and armor that meet PtF’s safety standards. Whether you wield a sword, staff, or bow, your gear should enhance both safety and realism.

Camping Gear

Events often take place in outdoor settings, so bring tents, sleeping bags, and personal items for comfort during multi-day adventures.

Join the Adventure

Embark on an epic journey in Portal to Ferrum, where your actions shape the fate of the world. Meet fellow adventurers, forge your legend, and experience the magic and excitement of this unparalleled LARP.

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