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Portals is a game about gates, opportunity and conflict.  Vile beings have come through the gates and struck at the citizens of Nearatha. New Elemental Beings of Supreme power have been released back to Nearatha!

The Portals have become unstable.  Mages use their magic to fight the hordes of undead and demons.  Priests of YaZel and Sha’Dir attempt to win back faithful to their dying religion.

Pockets of resistance have developed to try and strike back against the shadowy figures that came on the night of the Great Invasion.  Undead, hungry animals, long forgotten creatures and demons spread across the lands and lurk where once verdant fields and gleaming cities stood.

Portals is a Live Action Role-Playing game of a different world – one where magic and mystery face off against might and distrust.  A world of history, magic and religion awaits people to take a role in deciding the fate of Nearatha and the mortal races. Portals is not a happy-go-lucky game. While there are heroes and heroines, things are dire and people are dying.

The players might be Nearatha’s last hope of salvation or survival.

Our events, one-days, overnights and three days, are hosted year-wide on state parks throughout Tennessee and Georgia.  These events allow you to assume your new identity and fully immerse yourself into the world that is taking shape …

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