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Primal Forge

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Primal Forge, the UKs premier provider of equipment, costume, props and lifestyle products for LRP and re-enactment.

Who are Primal Forge?

Primal Forge was founded after years of involvement in the LRP industry, initially as players and crew members, then as referees and finally as owners of one of the UKs longest running LRP systems – Labyrinthe.

We are still involved in the running and playing of LRP on a weekly basis, and we understand that players and organizers need to find quality equipment and props for their LRP events. Whilst running Labyrinthe we found it increasingly difficult to find a range of high quality goods that were reasonably priced, and after talking with a number of other players and event organizers we felt that there was still a need for someone to provide this service to the LRP and re-enactment market in the UK.

Our Aims

At Primal Forge we look to build our company on four strong pillars:

Choice: Providing you with the widest possible choice of LRP weapons, armour, costume, props, and related products in the country – rivaled by none.

Quality: Ensuring that the products we offer you are of high quality, and ethically sourced.

Value: Pricing our products realistically, bringing you value for money and using a clear no-nonsense pricing policy

Service: Primal Forge is run by live role-players, for live role-players. When we are purchasing equipment for our system we have high expectations of the service we should be offered, and we are committed to providing you with that same high level of customer service and care.

Our Suppliers

We source our products from a wide range of suppliers from all over the World, and we work in partnership with them to ensure that we can offer you an unrivalled range of equipment for your LRP, re-enactment needs – as well as a range of products for out-of-character use as well.


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