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Realms of Conflict

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“Realms of Conflict (RoC) is a dark fantasy LARP (Live Action Role Playing ) game set in the unique world known as “Ith”.  RoC is known for its story telling, setting, fast-paced combat, colorful characters, amazing costumes, and intense role playing.  Our usual events are over-nighters held in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We also run single day games and our weekly fighter practices are available for people to learn about LARP, our game, combat, & character creation.

Realms of Conflict is still a fairly new and fast-growing LARP.  It’s about three years old, and has been re-created from its predecessor, the LARP “Adventures Unlimited” which was run in the bay area for 10 years.  Realms of Conflict’s two owners work hard to provide a fast-paced game with an in-depth world and rules to back the creative minds of the plot team, staff, and players. With constant growth since it began running 3 years ago, Realms of Conflict is the Largest LARP of its kind running in the Bay Area.”

LARP based in the bay area of California.

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