Sabretooth Cat LARP safe helmet

This fearsome sabretooth helmet designed and created by Etsy seller DragonArmoury is sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemy on any LARP battlefield!

It’s made form a sort of semi soft resin, and the fangs made from foam to be LARP safe (most systems should accept it as there are no sharp pointy bits, but it may be worth checking with your games weapons checkers!).

It could be used in most fantasy style LARPS, and also in post-apocalypse systems.

Your field of vision might not be great but that won’t matter as your enemies will be fleeing in terror (well, maybe…)!


sabretooth helmet by DragonArmoury

sabretooth helmet by DragonArmoury

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1 thought on “Sabretooth Cat LARP safe helmet”

  1. That is an epic looking prop. I’ve seen some resin skulls before, but I’ve yet to see one with contact safe fangs specifically for larp. That’s super cool.


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