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SINergy is a cyberpunk Live Action Role Playing game, a full immersion, interactive experience, in which each player creates their own individual character which they play during the game.

SINergy is set on Earth 33 years in the future, in an area called New Rome City. The game clock is constatly ticking so that ‘game time’ is always the same weekday/date/month as ‘real time’.

This future world has changed from the place we know today. Giant corporations rule the land but underneath the masses clash for their own piece of recognition. Corporates, gangers, medics, druggies, mutants, bounty hunters and everyone else are thrown into the mix hoping to better themselves, or at least come out alive.

In reality the game takes place in a night club in Leicester.

Put simply, if you’ve ever fancied yourself as part of the cyberpunk scene then this is the place for you. Kit yourself out in your coolest gear, a new personality and a kick-ass attitude and step into the future world that is SINergy.

The future just got a little darker…

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