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SOLAR is a fantasy Live-Action Role-Playing game (often referred to as a LARP). Within the constraints of the campaign environment, you create a character concept for a fantasy story and actually play the character. It is much like improvisational theater–you have a framework created by the props and supporting characters and must develop your part as you progress through the storyline. Your character’s attitudes, ambitions, and history are yours to define.

The basics of tabletop roleplaying are still prevalent, but SOLAR is primarily a “do-it” game. Instead of imagining yourself fending off a group of orcs with your trusty sword and then rolling some dice to see what happens, you would actually fend off a group of “orcs” (actually players like yourself, who are taking their turn being monsters) with your trusty foam-rubber sword. The results are based upon both your skill and your character’s skill with that sword, instead of the luck of a dice roll.

If the adventurous life is your calling, you may play the part of a cunning rogue, a daredevil swashbuckler, or even an honorbound knight. Those proficient in magic are highly useful as well–much fame and fortune can be found for a skilled healer or an elemental adept. Your days can be spent fulfilling contracts, swapping stories in the tavern, or vanquishing the foul creatures that plague these frontier lands. If the epic life is not your style, then you can play the part of a town artisan. You can make your money selling your wares–and information–for the right price.

SOLAR is dedicated to the legendary tales of high fantasy, while running a fun (and above all safe) game.

SOLAR combat, when following the safety rules set by the game, is quite safe. What you’re really doing is swinging your foam sword hard enough to make contact with, but not hurt, your opponent while you shout (“call” in SOLAR terms) the amount of damage that you do with your particular weapon. With magic and alchemy/poisons, the representation is more difficult to “realistically” convey. Obviously, we can’t have people running around with flame throwers or pelting one another with phials of acid, so how do we represent these aspects of combat? Magic in SOLAR is very simple. Each spell has a particular phrase that is associated with it (called a “verbal”) so that when you’re affected by a spell you know how to react. To actually ‘cast’ a spell you simply recite the “verbal” and throw a “spell packet” (which is basically a small bean bag) at your target. If you miss or if you make a mistake in your “verbal,” the spell has no effect. Alchemy and poisons are done in the same manner. Players simply label green “packets” with initials denoting what type of gas/solution you’re using (for example, someone using a “Sleep” gas would label it with an “S.”) When you want to use your sleep gas, you would say the name of your poison “Sleep gas,” and throw the packet at your victim. (By the way, it’s perfectly legal for anyone to try dodge your spell packet or your phials.)

We have fierce warriors, crafty scouts, powerful mages, noble knights, and benevolent healers. There are smelly goblins, blood-chilling spectres, evil necromancers, treacherous spies to fight, and your very own legends to create.

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