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The Jerky shack was born after years of searching for an alternative to the boring overly chewy sticky meat sold in supermarkets, whilst keeping true to the history and traditions of jerky and smoking on the whole. After playing with different methods, from drying it in an oven, to smoking it on a hazel wood frame, the first jerky tent was constructed in 2008. This system worked well and still accompanies us on trips to shows when we lack the room for the Shack its self.

As well as smoking jerky we also produce smoked cheese and demonstrate cold smoked fish at events, this is done in a purpose build cold smoker. Hot smoking as a cooking method is also demonstrated using mackerel or other fish at events.

At the time of writing the web shop is looking a little basic, but it seems you can buy things OK. The next question is: has anyone tried their fare? Let fellow LARPfinders know in the comments below.

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