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Martin’s Jerked Meat

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Martin’s Jerked Meat is no longer available, please check out Cowleys Fine Foods instead (from the same owners as Martin’s Jerked Meat).

Martin’s Jerked Meat is a family run firm, based in the South Wales Valleys, who aim to provide a comprehensive range of healthy alternative snack food.

We started the business when after 9 years of reenacting, Martin got fed up of burgers and jacket potatoes and decided to create his own food to take to shows. We started making jerky for family and friends, and it proved very popular. We took a stall to summer shows and festivals, and sold jerky and fruit scrolls. People liked it, and we now make an array of healthy snacks year round and sell our produce at events or via the website.

We aim to provide you with delicious flavours of jerky, fruit scrolls and other dried foodstuffs that are made using natural processes and without unnecessary chemicals, gums, preservatives etc. that are commonly found in other brands.

All our jerky is made from locally reared South Wales cattle, which means it contains no artificial preservatives or chemicals and hasn’t travelled half way around the world leaving a massive carbon footprint. The venison we use is from a local sustainable herd reared at Margam Park in South Wales, and the Bison is reared in Somerset. We handle the butchering, marinating and drying ourselves in our custom built workshop. We also make the marinades using only fresh ingredients – we avoid using artificial flavourings or sweeteners.

The drying process is carried out using air driers and no chemical drying agents are used at all. We believe that for thousands of years, mankind didn’t need chemicals added to their food, so we don’t need them now. We have a wide variety of flavours and are constantly creating new ones. All our jerkies have individual textures, as different marinades have different effects on the meat – we think this is how it should be so we don’t try to force them to be all the same, as that defeats the object of doing it naturally. We rely instead on the dehydration and marinades which negate the need for extra preservatives, and it also helps to retain all the natural flavour and nutrients. We have an online shop and can send our products all over Europe.

Our main product is and always will be jerky, but we also make thick cut biltong. For anyone on a high protein diet, outdoors enthusiasts looking for a healthy natural snack, or anyone looking for health conscious fast food, jerky is tasty and lush. In addition we offer a range of meat-free tofu jerky alternatives, fruit scrolls and other tasty snacks suitable for vegetarians.

We have 2 main ranges of jerky, the standard ones (which generally use Soya Sauce for the salt content) and our Taste of History range in which we only use ingredients available at the time -no soya sauce, use of long peppers instead of peppercorns. The Lewis and Clark 1804 expedition flavour is a 100% authentic recipe, whereas the other historical flavours (Aztec, Norman, Celtic and Saxon) do not use actual recipes from the period, but instead use flavours that were available at the time.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

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